It’s been a while…

Hi all,

It’s been a while since my last blog post, that’s for sure! I posted about last year’s New York City  travels with a collection of images from the trip and since then seem to have abandoned this blog, sorry! My friend and fellow Photographer, Katherine Drane, has been a source of inspiration recently, keeping on top of blogging and making me realise I do have work to share and thoughts to post.

Life has been pretty hectic recently, I’ve moved out of my parent’s home and am now living with my fiance, Scott. We’ve been in a great flat for three months already and we love it. After just one month we had an addition to the family, Frank the French Bulldog, he is the cutest ever and has such a personality, he helps me edit…well not quite but he likes to rest on my laptop and sleep whilst I work!

Since graduating University in 2011 I kept busy with Photography in my spare time, whilst working part-time initially and then full-time in 2013, in order to continue projects and portrait sessions etc. However, in April of this year I began working for Miles & Barr full-time as a Property Photographer and can honestly say I am still really enjoying it and feel very happy to use my camera everyday and I love speaking to people about photography everyday and finding out about their planned moves. I get to put my degree skills to work in my day job and can also work self-employed throughout the months at the weekends. I appreciate that many of my University friends are not currently working in the field day to day, however they are all very involved in projects and creating great work which is brilliant and inspiring. I’ll be mentioning colleagues in future blog posts, I used to publish a ‘Spotlight Sunday’ and would like to do a similar thing again soon, stay tuned.

For now, here is a collection of photographs from an intimate Wedding I photographed on the 4th of July. Laura and James were an amazing couple and the day was really lovely and relaxed, they were blessed with a beautifully sunny day too, I wish them all the happiness in the world for their life together.

Please feel free to comment below or on facebook or twitter, I promise to blog again soon, watch this space.

Mel x

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