Ross Edgley’s ‘Great British Swim’ Return // 04.11.18

World Record Breaking Ross Edgley returned to Margate Main Sands Beach this morning, walking on land for the first time in just over five months. 157 days to be precise, becoming the first person to swim around Mainland Britain, without touching land. Ross swam through difficult tides and weather, battling chafing on his neck from his wetsuit, gaining him the nickname of ‘Rhino Neck’. He also swam through and faced hundreds of jellyfish and sharks.

It was great to see the crowds there, celebrating his achievments and wishing him well. We waited for several hours, before getting the chance to speak to him about his adventures. I am sure that he was still running on adrenaline, and the energy of the supporters. Congratulations to you Ross on your record breaking achievments, and the display of how mental strength and determination can allow you to carry out a goal from start to finish, regardless of the hurdles faced.

Mel x

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